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Urbino’s culinary tradition is one of simplicity and
authenticity, although the local cuisine is not lacking
in pleasant surprises or inviting temptations! When it
comes to first courses, we recommend Cappelletti pasta
in broth or Passatelli, a delicate and very typical entrée
from the Urbino region.
The queen of the area’s traditional produce is the
famous Casciotta di Urbino, a cheese with ancient
origins that has been much loved since the era of the
Dukes. Even Michelangelo himself was a great admirer
of this dairy delight. One of the best ways to enjoy it
is with an equallydelicious traditional product from
the area – the Crescia Sfogliata di Urbino (a type of
This recipe harks back to the flavours of days gone
by and has a long history behind it, but it can still
frequently be found on dinner tables in Urbino today.
Let’s not forget that the Urbino region is also famous
for its truffles (just think of Acqualagna), mushrooms,
and renowned oil and wine, as well as organic products
appreciated nationwide.
In this region, the ideal of authenticity is still a reality