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Urbino is a region with a wealth of history, tradition,
art and culture, but the city is not content to dwell on
past glories. Today, Urbino is still capable of surprising
us and moving forward, offering exciting and engaging
options for even the youngest of travellers.
Numerous events and exhibitions are on offer throughout the year, preserving traditions and presenting
historical re-enactments, music, art and craftsmanship.
This publication contains a brief calendar, but we suggest visiting the website for updates and more details.
The city offers unique itineraries, allowing you to discover the million and one different facets of Urbino that
a visit here can offer: from medieval and Renaissance
architecture to the more modern styles of the 1900s
and De Carlo; from a magical and secretive Urbino to
the mathematical Renaissance; from routes focused on
Raphael, who spent his early years here, through to Da
Vinci’s relationship with the city; and from Piero della
Francesca to photo trails allowing you to catch a glimpse of the city’s most unusual and fascinating sights.
There are also more unconventional, engaging ways
to get to know the city: from orienteering to a digital
treasure hunt; from visiting the traditional engraving
and printing workshops to those dedicated to the construction of Urbino’s traditional kites; from mountain
bike routes to urban trekking and hikes through the
unspoilt countryside that surrounds our city.