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Nature and Sport
Urbino’s natural settings and its hilly landscapes are ideal for outdoor activities. In recent years, bicycling has become more and more popular, but our roads are perfect for motorbike lovers too. Along the road, it’s always easy to find the right place to stop and have a taste of the local specialties.
The Urbino area also offers an opportunity for urban trekking and orienteering; locally you will find incoming tour operators that can tailor your holiday to your needs and preferences.
Discover Urbino and the surrounding area by bike
Urbino and the surrounding villages are the perfect places to enjoy some cycling. A variety of cycling routes start out from the city and have been designed to offer different types of excursions by racing bike, mountain bike, gravel bike, or even by bike with pedal assist. These itineraries have been created to be enjoyed by individual travelers, small groups, and families. And of course, they are suitable for all ages and fitness levels.
They are routes that start and end in Urbino to give you the opportunity to feast your eyes on the natural beauty spots and architectural features of the area, as well as to visit cafés and restaurants, where you can savor the local cuisine. There is even a cycling route that will take you inside the city walls, where you can enjoy the narrow streets, the ups and downs, and the surprising panoramic views. To get easily around the historic city center, which has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List, a pedal-assist bike is recommended. But if you are used to a more challenging cycle ride, then you’re sure to get along with a traditional model too.

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