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This is my refuge, my buen retiro. A series of events led to my discovering Urbino and, from that moment on, it became a part of my life. The weeks I spend in this great little Central Italian city, in late spring to early summer, are my favorite time of year. Urbino welcomes you with grace. And you’ll need some time to get to know it. When you fall into step with the pace of life here, you discover secrets of Italian living. There are noises, smells, flavors, and customs that add touches of joy to every day. When someone you know says “ciao” and it makes you feel at home. Human interactions, the light, the architecture, nature, and food are all such special parts of the whole experience, coming together to create a lasting well-being that wraps itself around you. Urbino is not just packed with art and history. It offers you safety and warmth. It sits at a natural crossroads in a province that will take you from the mountains to the sea. Traveling just a few kilometers, I have come across farms where one can taste wines and other local specialties; I’ve spent the day on the beach, discovered the stunning beauty of rivers, and climbed up the slopes of Mount Catria, where the dizzying heights will make you feel almost as if you’re flying
Everything in this area, every little town or village has something to discover: historic forts, characteristic town squares, and fantastic food. In 2018, I was in Urbino from January to June as a visiting professor. It was the first time I had experienced the enchanting snow-covered scenery and its gradual transformation with the arrival of spring. The seasons might have changed, but Urbino’s vitality and warm, friendly welcome remained the same. I’d love to see the autumn there, the season for truffle-based dishes. Stories about my weeks in Urbino are always at the heart of conversations with family and friends. And how they envy me. I get to experience a host of different feelings: I can never stop myself from describing the wonders of the province of Pesaro and Urbino. At the same time, I jealously guard this treasure I have found. But I realize that introducing the people I meet to the beauties of Urbino and everything around it, is the greatest gift I can give them.

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