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Urbino’s local cuisine includes truffles and mushrooms, as well as cheeses that have been well known delicacies since the Renaissance table, such as Casciotta, which now has its own DOP mark. In Urbino, you will find Fossa and Pecorino cheeses; meat that comes from top-quality supply lines; red and white wines, grown on the local hillsides; olive oil; honey; and prosciutto ham, made according to tradition. Here you will discover the famous crescia sfogliata, a tasty flatbread that can be enjoyed with a range of fillings (cheese, ham, or vegetables).
Every mention of these specialties should also include the names of the many local businesses that put all their passion and dedication into making these excellent local foods and wines. But visitors will have no trouble identifying the names behind these delights, which also make fabulous treats to take home, memories of your time in the land of Raphael

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