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Baldassarre Castiglione e Raffaello. Volti e momenti della vita di corte
Mostra a cura di Vittorio Sgarbi ed Elisabetta Soletti
Palazzo Ducale, Sale del Castellare
19 luglio – 1 novembre 2020

The city of Urbino celebrates Raphael with a fine art exhibit dedicated to Baldassarre Castiglione, the renowned author of The Book of the Courtier which epitomized the cultural context of the first decades of the XVI Century in Europe.
The exhibit allows visitors to discover historical figures, artists, events, and court life of the Renaissance. Paintings, original books, letters, coins, armors, and clothing will be on display. The exhibit also includes a rich multimedia section.

Urbino is the place Raphael would never forget, the city of his childhood, of Piero della Francesca, of his loves, of beauty and architecture, the city of the beautiful women who drove him to damnation: Raphael is both beautiful and damned. Celebrating Raphael means considering his life the culmination of a completely fulfilled existence. In just 37 years, he accomplished what no other man could have in even 100. Raphael is not just the Renaissance, he also represents perfection, harmony, and art surpassing nature. The art exhibit reflects the elegant and enlightened world that was Urbino at the time of Raphael; a time when Baldassare Castiglione and other great figures made the city of Urbino the cultural capital of the Renaissance.
Vittorio Sgarbi, ProSindaco di Urbino-Art Exhibit curator

The combined contributions of Raphael and Baldassarre Castiglione were extremely influential in creating the fame of Urbino and its Court during the first decades of the 1500s. To both of them, we owe the recognition of the Italian Renaissance Culture in Europe. For a long time, The Book of the Courtier represented the values embraced by the European Courts. The book was incredibly successful and was translated into Spanish, Portuguese, French, English, German, and Polish. Its success lasted until the 18th Century.
Elisabetta Soletti – Art Exhibit Co-Curator

Opening Hours
July and August: every day, 10 am – 7 pm
September, October, November: from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am – 6 pm / Monday, 10 am – 2 pm.

Info Point – IAT
+39 0722 378.205 – +39 0722 2613 –

It is extremely important to us that you enjoy your visit to the art exhibit. The safety guidelines issued by the National Government are fully applied; however, our safety measures ensure that you may also have a relaxing, pleasant experience.
• Booking is required for entrance and can be done at any time;
• 16 people will be able to access the exhibition every 30 minutes;
• the audio guide is included in the ticket price and can be downloaded before entering the exhibit;
• soon it will be possible to buy the exhibit tickets on this website

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Art Exhibit
Full Price € 8
Reduced Price € 2

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